Warhol’s Birthday

Regular readers of this blog will notice my extended absence from posting. The run up to the Warhol on Vinyl show at Cranbrook really took a lot out of me. I have photos from the show and its promotional activity, as well as new covers to show. I promise to play some catchup here in the next week or two.

But today is a very important day, and it would be a shame not to post. 86 years ago today, Andy Warhol was born Andrew Warhola. Warhol would become influential in virtually every expression of the arts before he died tragically in 1987. He was a commercial illustrator, painter, print maker, sculptor, film director, music producer, tv host and video producer, as well as being the mind and/or talent behind the record covers I’ve spent these last years documenting.

I have admired Warhol’s work since it was a child, and have collected his artwork since 1989. My library contains more than a full shelf of books on the man and his art. Was he a perfect artist or human being? No, many who passed in and our of his circle would say he had many flaws. But who doesn’t?

What we are left with more than a quarter century after his passing, is that Andy Warhol is as alive and influential now as ever. His quotes and his images are as vibrant and alive now as they were when first unveiled. He correctly predicted a time and a culture he never got a chance to live to see.

So tonight take fifteen minutes to think about what Andy Warhol left us, and how the world is a little more interesting because a young man from Pittsburgh decided to become Andy Warhol.

I’ll have more posts up shortly.

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  1. Nice post Frank, well said.

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