New Blog-New Show

Well, it has obviously been a long time since my last post. Although I no longer own any Warhol covers, having donated them to the Cranbrook Art Museum, does that mean that I have given up the quest to find interesting artists’ record covers? Not by a long shot. I’ve shifted focus to other artists who have had their work incorporated into record cover art, and I’ve launched a new blog to announce my next project, And if that wasn’t enough to announce in one post, a selection from my collection will be featured in a solo exhibition at the prestigious David Klein Gallery starting February 4th. To my knowledge, this is the first commercial exhibition of Banksy’s record cover art ever mounted.

The new blog is just getting started, so please be patient. I will be adding almost every cover Banksy is associated with, I still have yet to secure a couple of the most rare examples. I will also try to include additional background information whenever I can.

Thank you everyone from every corner of the planet for your more than 43,400 visits. For those who want to stay informed of an incredible amount of Warhol cover knowledge and photos, please follow Guy Minnebach’s Andy Earhole blog at, and Richard Forrest’s RecordArt bog at And if you are interested in some of the other Warhol works that have been largely overlooked (like book covers and magazines), please check out Niklas Lindberg’s blog RATFAB at Cheers!



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2 Responses to New Blog-New Show

  1. rockdoc999 says:

    Frank, many thanks for the plug for my Recordart blog! I really appreciate your support! I’ll follow your new BansktCovers blog.

  2. Awsome news! I love seeing some new covers against that dark, wodden floor, been way to long. 🙂 Looking forward to following the new blog as well as the upcoming exhibition. Oh, and thanks for the plug of course!

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