For the Record: Artists on Vinyl is open!

As I posted previously, Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan is exhibiting another vinyl record show after the great success of Warhol on Vinyl during the summer of 2014.

For this exhibition, more than 130 vinyl record covers are being displayed from a variety of distinguished visual artists, from Josef Albers to Christopher Wool. In addition to specific cases housing single artist collections (Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Shepard Fairey, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol), there is a section of the exhibition where individual record covers are paired with other works by the same artists from Cranbrook’s permanent collection.

After spending the last 11 years collecting these records, it has been my great pleasure to see them available to the public to appreciate this under recognized art form. Below are photos from the show, which will be on display until at least April of 2020.

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2 Responses to For the Record: Artists on Vinyl is open!

  1. rockdoc999 says:

    Congratulations, Frank, on a wonderful exhibition! Wonderful photos. A “must see” show. Your collection is superbly impressive. The exhibition is guaranteed to be a huge success.

  2. Mark Carvell says:

    Very interesting to see. Hope you may be able to exhibit in UK. In addition to the Warhol clover of Lennon for the Menlove Avenue album, there are several other Beatles connections with artists of course, for example Peter Blake (Sgt. Pepper), Richard Hamilton (The White Album), Allen Jones (McCartney’s Red Rose Speedway), Mark Boyle (Harrison’s Somewhere in England) and most recently Ed Ruscha (McCartney III). There are lots of other examples of Peter Blake commissions, for example Paul Weller (Stanley Road), Oasis (Stop the Clocks) and the Band Aid charity record.

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