Warhol Covers is a blog written by Frank Edwards, a collector of Andy Warhol record covers.

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  1. Alan says:

    I just found your blog and really enjoyed it. I’ve always enjoyed art covers and Warhol’s work in general, but had no idea how many covers he had done until I went to see Warhol Live @ the Frist, in Nashville. I’ve searched the internet for a complete list of his (known) covers, but it seems as though new ones are still being discovered. Do you recommend the record covers book that has the majority of them listed, or is there a better way to go about it? Any info or tips would be much appreciated. Thank you and once again, great blog!

  2. Kevin Kinney says:

    Really enjoyed your blog. Kevin

  3. Roar Schaad says:

    I have four early Columbia LP covers that might be by Andy Warhol…ML 4194 “iberia”, ML 4260 “modern music for clarinet”. ML 4269 “Dvorak Symphony No. 1” and ML 2120 “Sessions Symphony No. 2”. I can send a scan of each. RSVP

    • warholcovers says:

      I’d love to see what you have. Please email them to frankmedwards@comcast.net.

      • Here are just a few more possibilities:
        Budapest String Quartet–Mozart: Quartet NO. 14 In G Major / Quartet NO. 15 In D Minor Columbia ML-4360. 1950

        Frank Sinatra conducts music of Alex Wilder–Sinatra conducting Columbia String Orchestra. Alec Wilder Octet. Columbia ML-4271. 1950

        Kostelanetz Conducts Kostelanetz and his orchestra. Columbia ML-4107 1949

        Latin American Songs A Choral Concert dePaur’s Infantry Chorus Leonard dePaur, conductor. Columbia ML 4144 1949

      • Giambattista Vico says:

        Hope you get this! I have a Camden label cover, CAL-240 titled Concert In The Park by The Goldman Band, Edwin Franko Goldman, Conductor. Possible Warhol?

    • David G says:

      Hello. I also have a copy of ML 4194, and I’m having trouble getting definitive info on whether this is a Warhol cover. Nothing posted here either, so have you found out anything? Thanks.

      • warholcovers says:

        This cover illustration is almost certainly the work of Darrill Connelly. Connelly is confirmed to have done works in the exact same style as the illustration for ML 4194 and did numerous lp cover work for the same record companies with which Warhol worked. Please consult my post, Covers Being Advertised As Warhol That Aren’t.

  4. Politis says:

    just bought(for 99.99$) Artie Shaw’s ‘’Modern Music for Clarinet’’ (Columbia Masterworks) ML 4260 and i really believe looks like a Warhol-y art, not sure as i cant find any infos. Any help will be much appreciated! thank You!

  5. ratfab says:

    Contact, not connect. 🙂

  6. ratfab says:

    Hey Frank, i tried again from my AOL mail, did it get through? 🙂

  7. Guy Minnebach says:

    Hi Frank, do you have a new email address? I tried to reach you but got a failure notice, severeal times. Guy

  8. warholcovers says:

    Thank you for visiting the blog. This cover, although an interesting illustration, does not resemble the techniques Warhol utilized during this time in his career. Keep searching, I know there are more Warhols out there.

  9. Lou Mancini says:

    i have two original Warhol covers that seem to be the rarest ones,Night Beat and Voices and Events .Any idea of value

    • warholcovers says:

      Hi Lou, thanks for your comment. Night Beat is commonly considered the rarest Warhol cover, as only one is known to exist. No evidence exists that Voices and Events went beyond the conceptual stage. However, both were recreated recently by a noted collector in Sweden, who wanted others to be able to see what these looked like in real life. Could you take some pictures and send them to me at frankmedwards@comcast.net? I should be able to tell you more about them.

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