Porgy and Bess

This one is a bit controversial, but I’m including it in the blog (and in the Warhol on Vinyl show at Cranbrook). Paul Maréchal is not convinced this is a genuine Warhol cover, and I don’t believe he will add it to the revised catalog. But, noted expert Guy Minnebach and I both believe it to be Warhol’s work.

For me, it is a case of weighing which is the more likely scenario. Since everyone agrees that the Gershwin record is Warhol’s work, and now Maréchal agrees that the Tchaikovsky cover is real, is it possible that in the middle of two RCA Bluebird commissions with label numbers right in the same range (LBC-1045 and LBC-1061) that RCA Victor hired another illustrator using the blotted line technique instead of Warhol for LBC-1059? I believe in Occam’s Razor, which stated basically that the simplest explanation was usually the correct one.

Anyway, here is the Porgy and Bess cover. Please feel free to leave
Your comments below.




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