Some almost final thoughts…

Well, I’ve had quite a bit of time to reminisce about this journey this weekend. As income tax day approaches, I’ve had to look back at my purchases over the years and put numbers to acquisitions. So many memories coming flooding back. Covers I worked for years to find, scouring the globe to locate. What an intense time, full of frustration and triumph. Cranbrook Art Museum accessioned the first 133 of my covers nearly a year ago and I had to go over each one to account for the donated value. 

For some, the value is so small, the shipping cost more than the record. For others, I can’t believe I actually paid that much for a small piece of paper and vinyl. 

I will still post from time to time, as the Warhol on Vinyl show will be traveling next year, first to the Boca Museum of Art in Boca Raton, Florida next Winter. But, in the mean time, those of you looking for more insight about Andy Warhol and his work relating to record covers should bookmark the following page:

This new blog is the work of my friend, and perhaps the most knowledgeable expert on Andy Warhol’s graphic design work, Guy Minnebach. Guy lent some of his treasures to the Warhol on Vinyl show, and has been an invaluable resource throughout this journey of mine. Whenever a question presented itself, Guy was there with the answer already in hand, and was generous enough to share his unlimited knowledge with us fellow seekers. Please check out his blog for the best images and information out there. 

Thank you all for your time and passion. I’ve enjoyed your questions and comments. Please keep them coming.



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2 Responses to Some almost final thoughts…

  1. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all the work you have done. I have become a big fan of record cover art, especially of the midcentury vintage.
    I wonder if the cover for Columbia ML 4214 is by Andy Warhol. I can send you an image if you are interested.

    • warholcovers says:

      Glad to hear you enjoy the blog. It was great fun putting it together. I’ll do some more updates when the Warhol on Vinyl show travels this winter. The ML 4214 is definitely not Warhol. I would attribute it to Darrill Connelly instead. A contemporary of Warhol, Connelly worked for Columbia at the same time, and did many covers for them. The one you reference has the same feel to me. Google Darrill Connelly and look at the images to see some examples of his work.
      Thanks again,

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