Good News and Bad News

It has been some time since I provided any updates, but I do have some announcements to make. On the positive side, attendance at Warhol on Vinyl has been excellent. All hours of every day the show is open finds people exploring the show. It has been a blast to provide additional tidbits of information to visitors when I get a chance.

The big news was that this past Saturday, Eric Shiner, who is the director at the Warhol Museum, gave a lecture at the Cranbrook Art Museum. He was so gracious, knowledgeable, and positive, it was infectious. Later, I was invited to a private dinner at a local collector’s house to honor Eric. A great time was had by all.

Now the bad news. It appears that Paul Maréchal’s revised catalogue raisonne will not be available until after the show closes in March. We had hoped to do a book signing and officially launch the book at the show. We also want to do a collectors forum that would have featured Paul as well as others. Hopefully, that can still be salvaged.

Anyway, thanks to all that have made it to the show. Five months still remain to see it if you haven’t already, but time has a way of going by so fast.

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