R.I.P. Lou Reed

It was announced today that Lou Reed died at the age of 71 years old. In Reed’s death announcement, Rolling Stone called the Velvet Underground, “the most influential American rock band of all time.”

Those of us who collect Andy Warhol’s records and celebrate his influence on music and design, recognize the power of the relationship between Reed and Warhol on music of the sixties, seventies and beyond.

From the Velvet Underground and Nico Banana LP, to the Songs For Drella, and the many great VU bootlegs, we have much to celebrate from this great collaboration.

As the great Warhol cover collector Kevin Kinney said recently, “a moment of silence is in order, followed by a listen to the Velvet Underground.” Take another listen and take yourself back to the sixties and imagine Warhol hearing this raw band and deciding to bet his brand on them.

R.I.P Lou Reed, through your work and your association with Andy Warhol, you will never be forgotten.

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2 Responses to R.I.P. Lou Reed

  1. ratfab says:

    Very sad news indeed. I was never a huge fan of VU and i never really got into his solo stuff either. But with the state of music today i’m always very saddened when a true legend passes on. đŸ˜¦

  2. Guy Minnebach says:

    Beautiful words, Frank. Thank you. I’ve been a big Lou Reed fan since mid Seventies. No, I still AM a big Lou Reed fan. Went to seven live concerts. Last one I attended was not a rock concert, but Lou Reed, Laurie Anderson and John Zorn playing improvisations at a jazz festival.

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