Mick Jagger In Japan

Just when you thought Emotional Tattoo was the only bootleg using the Mick Jagger print series, here comes Mick Jagger in Japan. A 3 LP set 2 of which feature Warhol images on the record label as well. I had a really hard time finding this one, and had to buy an Emotional Tattoo bootleg to convince the seller to ship this from Japan. Please see the next post for your opportunity to get this mint condition duplicate copy of the ultra rare Emotional Tattoo for your collection.






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5 Responses to Mick Jagger In Japan

  1. Kevin Kinney says:

    Great find!!! Hall of fame worthy. It is stunning to me that the major corporate sponsors , all who carefully protect their brand, would have anything to do with a bootleg unauthorized unattributed art work. But the good news is that it added one more cover to the list.

  2. ratfab says:

    Very nice find Frank, how the heck do you do it… 🙂

  3. Guy Minnebach says:

    Nice one, Frank! Congratulations.

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