Alexander Nevsky – Alternate Color Cover



This version of Prokofiev’s Alexander Nevsky is a color different than I’ve ever seen listed. It is a turquoise color, very different from the darker green that is much more common. Also listed as being used for the cover are pink and orange, but I’ve seen two different levels of blue out there in the wild as well.

After learning of a very helpful website from noted collector Guy Minnebach, this version is from 1949-1955 and not one of the 1960s reissues. I also examined the pale blue version I posted previously, and the pale blue predates the turquoise and was certainly one of the 1949 versions.

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6 Responses to Alexander Nevsky – Alternate Color Cover

  1. Kevin Kinney says:

    Great find. Definitely looks like a pristine copy. I wonder if this might be a late 50’s version. Kevin

    • warholcovers says:

      Thanks, Kevin, it really is in perfect shape. Examining the vinyl in comparison to my other copy, they appear to be marked in nearly the exact same manner, so it’s hard to tell. I do share your opinion that this was likely a later reissue.

  2. Guy Minnebach says:

    A great copy you have found, Frank! Beautiful colour. This website can help to determine the period: Which kind of label is it?

    • warholcovers says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and alert me to that website. This copy has the 1 c label, dating it between 1949-1955. I will email you a picture.
      Thanks again,

    • warholcovers says:

      I just checked my pale blue cover version of this record and the label identifies it as an earlier 1 b with a glossy label. So the turquoise version can not have been an original printing, but it was likely within a couple of years, and definitely not one of the 1960s reissues.

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