French Kissin 12″ Promo




This Debbie Harry French Kissin promo single was released in 1986. It was numbered PRO-A-2594, and labeled “Promotional Copy Not For Sale”. It was released under the Geffen Records label.

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One Response to French Kissin 12″ Promo

  1. Richard Forrest says:

    This promo is for the “French Kissin'” single taken from Debbie’s “Rockbird” album. Debbie’s cover photo was by a photographer named Guzman, about whom I know nothing. The typography and layout on both the “Rockbird” and this “French Kissin'” single was by Steven Sprouse. Warhol’s contribution to the “Rockbird” cover was the camouflage backdrop, which is considerably less viaible on this cover than on the album.
    So Warhol’s input on this cover is minimal. Should it be classified as a Warhol cover?

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