Time for you to brag!

Today with another spike in traffic, it seems like a good time for you Warhol cover collectors to share. A story on where you found that Ratfab record, the Ultra Violet cover that got away, the Latin Rhythms you found at a vinyl show. Let us know your favorite collecting moment. Please enter it in the comments section below.

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3 Responses to Time for you to brag!

  1. rockdoc999 says:

    To paraphrase Rod Stewart, every cover tells a story. I’ll tell about how the RATFAB cover was rediscovered in 2008 after having been forgotten for 24 years. There was an exhibition of Andy Warhol’s record cover art in the northern Swedish town of Piteå to celebrate what would have been Warhol’s 80th birthday. A month after the exhibition closed I was discussing it with my friend Tommy, who had read an article in some magazine about someone who had once played in a band called RATFAB (Roland and the Flying Albatross Band). In the article he mentioned the fact that the band’s main claim to fame was that they had a record cover designed by Andy Warhol. My friend could not remember where or when he had read this but thought he might still have the magazine at home. He mailed me the article the following day. An Internet search soon turned up a picture of the cover and a second search on the Swedish Ebay site Tradera turned up a copy for sale for SEK 44 (about $7). This copy is now in The Warhol Museum.

  2. Kevin Kinney says:

    That is a great story! Really enjoyed the additions of the 45s to the blog. That 7 inch Joe Newman is really special. Love the blue color. Just last week I stopped at a record store where they had put out a big box of 45s for 1$ each and I found a mint copy of Artie Shaw’s Any Old Time. It is interesting to see how they rearranged the clocks from the 12 inch version.

  3. Frank says:

    Since the vast majority of my collection is a result of successful eBay auctions, my favorite story behind a cover in my collection is for my “Giant Size $1.57”. I was able to get this cover, which was not part of the original 1963 exhibition, but rather produced for an exhibition in Pitea, Sweden organized by a colleague and good friend, Richard Forrest, one of the true experts in the field of record cover art in general, and Andy Warhol covers in particular. Richard agreed to sell this cover to me at a very reasonable price and is a constant reminder of his friendship and pioneering work in this field of collecting.

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