Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr., Rarest Warhol Cover on eBay

Final UPDATE: The high bid was $5,467, representing the highest ever price realized in eBay for a 7″ Warhol cover. This is only eclipsed by 2 Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish records in 2011 ($7,710 and $6,300), back in the days before one would show up every week or two.

2nd UPDATE: with the high bid now standing at $2,750, I believe this breaks the record for a 7″ Warhol cover. There are a few hours left, so I will update this one last time after the final 15 seconds of fame (15 minutes is too long in this modern eBay world).

UPDATE: The bidding for this EP is now up to $2450, matching this 45’s previous record price. With 5 more days to go, it looks likely that this auction will set a new record for a 7″ Warhol cover.


As I mentioned a few months ago, another Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr. record is currently up for auction on eBay. This cover has come up for auction 3 times before including the one in my collection. Both Paul Maréchal and the Warhol Museum have a copy, so this is the 6th confirmed copy in existence.

It will be very interesting to see what kind of money will this bring. The recent auction of the Ultra Violet cover brought $5,266 last month, and that cover is less rare than this one. Could this break the record for the highest price realized for a 7″ Warhol cover? Here is the link to the auction.


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7 Responses to Waltzes by Johann Strauss Jr., Rarest Warhol Cover on eBay

  1. Tim Hume says:

    I just found an extremely clean copy of this (it’s probably unsold store stock)…I just put it on the ‘Bay…


  2. Chuck Kral says:

    Hi I have only the ep record in vg++ to near mint condition….Is there any value on this rare record in this condition…………….Thanks Chuck….My email is charles.kral@amwater.com

  3. timtimon55 says:

    Hi Frank. How’ve you been? You probably remember me. Tim Robbins, aka Lapeer Charlie on ebay. I sold this Warhol EP.

    Wanted to get your view on another record I just got that I believe may be an Andy Warhol cover (previously unattributed?), and would like to know if you can provide me with any information on it. (I’ve also written to Guy Minnebach about this and to the Warhol Museum asking their help.)

    It is a 10” LP record, dated 1949. The record is Columbia ML 2068, entitled “Viennese Waltzes, Alexander Schneider String Quartet”. The style of drawing looks similar to me to the Strauss Waltzes Camden EP and other Warhol covers I’ve seen. .

    I’ve uploaded 3 photos of this new record cover at this link: http://lapeer-charlie-records.smugmug.com/Other/Possible-Warhol-Cover-ML-2068/49288006_2Ls8sB#!i=4060269320&k=kNpn47B

    Please let me know if this might be a Warhol drawing on this cover…or if not, is it more likely to be Darrill Connelly art, or perhaps someone else?

    Tim Robbins

    • warholcovers says:

      Hi Tim. Of course I remember you. At first glance, I see more Darrill Connelly in this, although I don’t think I’ve seen him do faces like that before. Please see my “Covers that are being advertised…” Post to see th Salome cover with the similar ink splotches. The female dress on your find looks like Connelly to me, but it could be someone else. I’m afraid I don’t see any Warhol in this. I will be interested to hear what Guy thinks.

  4. Carlos Alexandre says:

    Hi Chuck I m here for the first time,because I m searching the art cover of an Erica Morini ep I ve bought today in Mint condition and it seems to me thats another Andys art cover! About your question I ve sold one Strauss Waltzes RCA Camden CAE 158 that unfortunaly was signed on cover(not Andys signature…rsrsr) and a french art gallery owner gave 1000usd for the record we can grade it as Record Ex- and Cover G+ or VG-
    Cheers to all

  5. Deedra Williams says:

    I have one. How do i auction?

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