The Nation’s Nightmare





The Nation’s Nightmare was released in 1952. According to the cover, the record is, “A report of crime in America in 1951- documented with tape recordings from back rooms and front offices of the underworld.” It further states, “This record presents two of a series of six memorable broadcasts heard by millions during the summer of 1951, over the facilities of the CBS Radio Network.”

Side A of this record is titled, “Traffic in Narcotics”, and side B is titled, “Crime on the Waterfront”.
This CBS Radio Network release was numbered XTV15692. There are two color variants of this record, a grey version and a more brown version.

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2 Responses to The Nation’s Nightmare

  1. rockdoc999 says:

    Are you sure that there are two colour variations? Couldn’t the differences be due to fading?

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