A Warhol Cover Collection for $100 or Less?

To those who see the eBay prices of rare Warhol covers and get scared away from trying to build a collection, please read on. There are plenty of low cost, later Warhol Pop Art-era covers that are very reasonably priced.

In fact, here are Warhol Covers.com’s suggestions for building a collection of 9 records which you should be able to purchase for under $100 (plus shipping).

1. Menlove Ave. – John Lennon (approx. $7-$10 on eBay)


2. Aretha – Aretha Franklin (approx. $7-$10 on eBay)


3. Emotions In Motion – Billy Squier (approx. $1-$5 on eBay)


4. Silk – Diana Ross (approx. $1-$5 on eBay)


5. Honi Soit – John Cale (approx. $5-$10 on eBay)


6. The Painter – Paul Anka (approx. $1-$5 on eBay)


7. Love You Live – Rolling Stones (approx. $5-$10 on eBay)


8. Sticky Fingers – Rolling Stones (approx. $15-$25 on eBay)


9. The Academy in Peril – John Cale (approx. $15-$25 on eBay)


All these covers either use Warhol’s work or had Warhol’s hand in the design. I believe that anyone who appreciates Warhol’s covers can use this list as a backbone to building the beginning of a Warhol covers collection.

One last suggestion, when looking for the best bargain on these, use the search terms of the title and artist and include “-Warhol”. This will exclude the listings which are promoting the Warhol angle, which almost always ends up with a higher price. Good luck to all!

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