Is this a missing Warhol Cover?







Is this an undiscovered Andy Warhol Cover? This cover features Warhol’s trademark blotted line technique, and was published by RCA Victor who had hired Warhol to do other covers (William Tell Overture & Rhapsody in Blue/Grand Canton Suite). In fact, this lp is marked LBC-1061, very close to the LBC-1045 number on the Rhapsody in Blue/Grand Canyon Suite, which was authenticated by Matt Wrbican at The Andy Warhol Museum.

So, for this to not be a Warhol cover, RCA Victor would have had to have hired two artists employing the blotted line technique. This doesn’t really seem possible, as Warhol’s style was unique at the time.

I welcome any comments or questions about the authenticity of this cover.

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3 Responses to Is this a missing Warhol Cover?

  1. bltobin says:

    Graphic artist Ed Fotheringham was heavily influenced by early Warhol. This looks like his stuff, from the 2000’s.

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