Welcome to Warhol Covers!

Thanks for stopping by. In this blog I hope to share my collection of record and CD covers illustrated, designed or influenced by Andy Warhol.

I’ll be posting photos and information about these covers, and I invite you all to share your photos, as well as the stories behind how you came to acquire them.

I’ll be commenting on some of the covers being offered on eBay that purport to be Warhol covers, but are not.

I hope that through this blog, we can expand the population of collectors of Warhol covers and generate greater enthusiasm among current collectors.

Feel free to comment at any time and let me know of any other features you’d like to see.

Thanks again for visiting. Look for lots more content coming soon.


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4 Responses to Welcome to Warhol Covers!

  1. jdogz says:

    Frank – Outstanding job on the blog. Thanks for an informative and helpful resource for all collectors of Warhol LP cover art.

  2. Kevin Kinney says:

    Frank – I have a bunch of other examples that I would like to share with you. What is the best Way? Kevin

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